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If you are looking for unbiased / independent information on the topic of parabolic springs and related suspension parts you are on the right website. We can give you information about any brand or make that is currently in the market and if you found a brand that is not listed here please feel free to let us know.

This site describes suspension systems for Land Rovers but we welcome other types of vehicles as well. 
Some brands have more types like Toyota Land Cruiser and Jeep.

The following links can give you some clues or may reveal the truth about parabolic springs.

Brands currently on the market
Since the introduction of parabolic springs for Land Rovers by TIC in 1997 there are many others that followed this example. who is currently making them and how do they look.

History of manufacturing parabolic springs (any additional info welcome)
When was the first parabolic spring made and how did they do it?

FTL's (Frequently Told Lies) about parabolic springs
Many untold details, lies about "the others" and the makers themselves.

What is a parabolic spring?
Follow the link to find out..

DIY Parabolics
Ever thought about designing your own parabolic spring system? Well now is the time, find out how to do it...

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